How has your career developed since you’ve been at Intelliflo? 

I joined Intelliflo in January 2005 as an account manager (the only one at the time). During this time I worked in the support team, as well as a trainer – there were only eight of us at this time so it was very much a case of ‘all hands to the pump’. As the business grew, I was heavily involved in recruitment to expand the implementation, support, training and account management teams. I defined and implemented the operational processes for these teams, some of which still remain today.

As our client base grew, I also worked as a key account manager, looking after our key and enterprise accounts, whilst managing the account management team and overseeing the training, implementation and support teams. It was at this point I officially became Client Operations Manager.

I went on maternity leave in October 2011 and returned in October 2012 in a part-time role as Special Projects Manager. This role involved me working closely with the senior management team on a number of strategic operational projects, mainly focused on the sales, marketing and client services parts of the business.

In April 2013, in addition to my project role, I took over responsibility for the training team and was moved into the role of Head of Commercial Operations. During this time I recruited three training consultants and appointed a Training Manager. I made the decision to return to Intelliflo full-time in December 2013 and took on the additional responsibility of the Onboarding and Implementation Teams, which formed part of our current Commercial Operations Team at the time. Working closely with marketing, sales and client services, these teams helped ensure we delivered on key projects and business targets.

In January 2015 I went on maternity leave for the second time and returned part time in March 2017 as Head of Customer Success – overseeing the customer success functions (customer success managers, onboarding, training and data migration), with the core aim to drive adoption of Intelligent Office and helping our customers get the most out of the solution.

How has Intelliflo supported your career?

Over the last 12+ years Intelliflo has provided me with a wide range of opportunities and challenges to face, all of which have enabled me to develop both personally and professionally. I’ve been fortunate to be exposed to a number of different areas of the business and to be mentored by the directors on specific projects.

Upon returning from maternity leave both times, Intelliflo supported me in my request for flexible working while parenting, which has been a great help in allowing me to continue my career whilst balancing the needs and demands of being a parent. My current role as Head of Customer Success allows me to use my operational and management experience as well as my product knowledge of Intelligent Office to manage and advise on projects across the business.

What are the main reasons you have stayed at Intelliflo for so long?

The people, the product and the opportunities! I truly believe we have the best product in our sector and I am proud to be a part of it. Intelliflo has changed greatly over the time I have been here. It started off as a small business and as it has evolved, so have I.

There is a very hard working, continuous improvement ethos at Intelliflo and having been here since almost the beginning, it’s great to see how far we’ve come. We still have lots we want to achieve and as we continue to evolve it is this ever changing landscape that makes it such an interesting and enjoyable place to work. It’s certainly never dull.

What do you see as your next role or career opportunity at Intelliflo?

Who knows…? I’ll continue to work hard and see what opportunities arise…

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