Global intelliflo – one year on

1 March 2022
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Global intelliflo – one year on

1 March 2022

Media team

The anniversary of the launch of the global intelliflo seems a good time to review how much we’ve achieved over the last year and our plans for what comes next.

Meeting the global financial advice challenge

A year ago, we unveiled our new brand, but the changes went deeper than simply updating our logo. It marked the start of establishing intelliflo as a new global leader in financial advice technologies; bringing together five companies – intelliflo, i4c, RedBlack, Jemstep and Portfolio Pathway – under one brand to deliver the most advanced open architecture solutions and widen access to financial advice.

From our experience supporting over 30,000 financial advisers worldwide with three million end-investors and $1 trillion in assets serviced, we recognised that all the countries we serve face the same challenges around money, planning and advice and technology. We launched the new intelliflo to meet these challenges, uniting our complementary products and infrastructures across the whole advisory lifecycle from financial planning and practice management to portfolio management solutions, digital advisory and managed services to provide an end-to-end experience for advisers and clients.

Benefitting from a combined solution

A year on, we have capitalised on the strength of our individual technologies to create a combined proposition that is greater than the sum of its parts. Over the last 12 months, we have dedicated significant investment and resource towards modernising our core product and infrastructure while re-platforming and embedding our complementary software acquisitions to create new and improved solutions that help our clients across the world thrive and grow.

Every region has benefitted from the joining of our capabilities. For instance, in the UK, we have reimagined our client portal so that advisers can more easily meet and exchange information with clients. We have also enhanced how planning information is sent between the core system, the planning engine and into client reporting, cementing financial plans as the nucleus of the adviser and client relationship.  This has improved the visibility of advised and non-advised assets, resulting in better and more meaningful advice, and a relationship that is aligned to outcomes, rather than an investment product.

In Australia and the US, advice firms are now able to see and do more on one platform. Instead of needing to source functionality and data from several different systems, advisers can now do more on the intelliflo platform, from engaging prospects in self-service advice discovery to delivering comprehensive advice. The intelliflo platform also allows firms to choose from a variety of capabilities and configurations to meet the increasingly complex advice needs, engagement and service model preferences of today’s clients.

Globally, our digital support tools, which enable users to screen share and self-service, have been critical to business continuity. They have allowed advisers to focus on business development and relationship management, seamlessly transitioning their services to the new normal in the face of the changing requirements of the pandemic.

In addition, we have helped advice firms stay connected with their industry peers throughout the restrictions of the last two years. During a period when opportunities for ‘water cooler chats’ and meeting at industry conferences was limited, our users have been able to create a community where advice professionals can continue to share best practice, enhancement ideas and useful integrations.

The importance of choice

Today’s intelliflo reflects the fact that advisers increasingly need a unified, purpose-built, cloud-based platform with digital capabilities and complementary front-, middle- and back-office services. However, we also understand the need for choice. While some firms want to deal with a single technology provider, rather than have to manage several suppliers, others prefer to create their own bespoke solution by connecting intelliflo’s open architecture solutions with third-party software. Our expanding integrations and open API framework continue to facilitate this approach.

Our innovations of the last year have led to greater engagement with clients. We’ve seen client portal usage rise threefold, digital signatures increase 16 times, while online meetings are up 9400%! Technology is now an essential part of how advice businesses are run. And this is just the beginning. We will continue to expand our platform and digital services to be the partner of choice to help advisers keep pace with a continuous evolution of tools and solutions.

We know that firms using technology to its best effect manage more clients and more assets under management per advisers. Over the next twelve months, we’ll continue to focus on helping firms streamline and manage their advice more effectively, improving functionality and configurability across our solutions and extending our range of APIs to develop our platform and create new and deeper integrations with our partners.