eAdviser index

eAdviser index proves the impact technology can have within your business: higher revenue, more clients and more assets under advice.

eAdviser index by intelliflo is the largest, most comprehensive analysis of UK financial advice firms to date. Its findings show that those firms that fully implement technology are able to advise more clients, attract more assets, streamline their service and boost their revenue.

“Champions generate 57% more revenue, 112% more recurring revenue and a 41% increase in client numbers compared to explorers. As you drive more efficiency and effectiveness into your business you also deliver more for your clients.”
Nick Eatock
CEO and Executive Chairman, intelliflo

eAdviser index findings

This infographic highlights the key findings of our eAdviser index, including the identification of four very distinct groups; explorers, adopters, embracers and champions.

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“Firms that are embracing technology and driving efficiency through their processes are realising some 33% more repeat business than their industry peers…”