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PFP’s automated advice option means that you can provide a light-touch, self-service option for clients who want to buy basic investment products online.

Helping you to build your business through automated advice

As an adviser, you know how vital it is for consumers to prepare for their financial futures. However, full face to face advice is costly for you to deliver and some consumers are reticent to pay these costs. Now there is a way to provide cost effective advice to help many more consumers build a savings pot for the future – by offering automated advice online, through the Personal Finance Portal (PFP).

PFP’s automated advice option means that you can provide a light touch, self service option for clients who want to buy basic investment products online; for example, employees or early savers who want to invest in an ISA or a General Investment Account.

It can help you:

  • Maximise your orphan client banks cost effectively
  • Access new client segments like the next generation of clients, the ‘wealth in waiting’
  • Provide a low cost, self service option while maintaining the client relationship
  • Provide an omni-channel service and trading platform
  • Build a more profitable business

An independent view from DigitalWealthInsights

DigitalWealthInsights is an independent service that researches and offers insights into providers of digital wealth management services both in the UK and globally. As part of this, they have analysed Intelliflo’s automated advice proposition and attributed a 4 heart rating. You can read their full research findings free of charge, subject to registration.

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Heart Rating:

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Digital channels and Fintech are reinventing wealth management and financial advice at an astonishing rate. F&TRC having been researching Fintech and digital developments for over 20 years. Their heart ratings are a subjective assessment about the proposition and are based on experience in speaking to the organisation.

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Ian McKenna says:

Intelliflo giving so many IFA firms the ability to offer automated advice is a significant step forward for the whole advice industry.

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Kerry Nicolaides says:

This is an example of humans and technology working together in harmony. If you haven’t already tried this tool, you absolutely should!

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