Considering selling your advisory business?

By Jo Gilbey
Find me on: LinkedIn 24-Sep-2014 18:01:00

If you are, then you’re not alone. In a recent survey conducted by us more than two thirds (69%) of those polled stated that their goal was to one day sell their financial advice practice, with 43% stating that they plan to do it within the next five years.

If these findings are representative of the market today, how can you ensure a successful sale of your financial advice practice when the time comes?

To the most part you may think it’s simple; know what you want and agree it with your fellow shareholders, together with finding the “right” buyer and securing the best possible financial deal.

However what this simplistic statement ignores are key considerations such seeking expert advice, setting clear parameters on terms, ensuring business continuity through resource planning and by having the right systems and controls in place, together with considering the “human” element when negotiating a sale.

Our latest paper entitled “Selling your business – Top 10 tips to getting it right”, seeks to “lift the lid” on some of these less discussed aspects of selling a financial advice practice, providing you with 10 top tips to identifying, anticipating and avoiding some of the potential pitfalls.

*Poll conducted in June 2014 between 51 advisers who own their own business or are major shareholders.


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