Get your business GDPR ready

By Robert Walton
Find me on: LinkedIn 28-Feb-2018 14:38:54

25 May 2018... it's the deadline that has been looming ever larger on the horizon as firms prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Is your business ready yet? If it's not, then don't panic, as it's not too late. The are a number of tools available to help you, not least our GDPR toolkit for financial advisers. We have partnered with Brookland Computer Services to produce this comprehensive document and it has been built with the advice industry in mind.

GDPR is not an industry specific piece of regulation, so there has been a lot of confusion as to what sections advice firms need to comply with and on what grounds. GDPR does not supersede exisiting regulations; rather it complements them.

Our toolkit breaks down the different areas of the regulation into a step-by-step guide which anyone can follow. To make things even easier, the toolkit also comes with a self-assessment which is designed to identify the weaker areas of your business - those that require the most urgent attention. 

If you score badly in one section, the assessment points you in the direction of the right place in the toolkit to help you make the necessary improvements. On top of this, Brookland will also offer you a free 30-minute telephone consultation on GDPR.

You can kickstart, or just start, your GDPR compliance efforts today by getting your copy of our toolkit here.