Intelliflo launches free Mortgage Market Review (MMR) MOT

By Jo Gilbey
Find me on: LinkedIn 11-Jun-2014 15:55:00

MMR_MOT_cover2Intelliflo has today released its free Mortgage Market Review (MMR) ‘MOT’. The MOT is a practical guide aimed at helping mortgage advisers identify the pain points they may have experienced following the implementation of the MMR, and provides easy to follow steps on how these issues can be overcome.

With the recent transformations in the mortgage market, this document will serve as an extremely useful tool for any mortgage adviser wishing to assess the impact the MMR has had on their business.

The MMR MOT was designed specifically to respond to the challenges posed by the MMR and its requirement that the majority of mortgage sales be advised, with mortgage advisers needing to carefully evidence their compliance with the new rules. While most mortgage advisers agree that the MMR is positive for the mortgage market, they are now experiencing a period of adjustment.

The key challenge for them now is to understand how the regulation has impacted their business, and what processes they can implement to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible. The MMR MOT helps mortgage advisers to do just that.

It is split into four categories that mortgage advisers need to consider: people, processes, strategy and technology and tackles the key questions that need to be addressed in those areas.

Not only does our MMR MOT directly help mortgage advisers tackle the changes brought in by the MMR, it goes further in helping them to assess how they have responded to these changes and how they can, going forward, embrace the new opportunities the regulation has presented. To obtain a free copy of the MMR MOT, please register at