Migrating your practice management system – fast, efficient, safe

By Jo Gilbey
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If sorry is the hardest word, then change is the hardest action. It raises the spectre of one thing we are all inherently programmed to hate: uncertainty. We are all creatures of habit.

Knowing the time to break a bad habit, however, is crucial to our prosperity. Where we have identified flaws and room for improvement, the next stage is acting upon them. This is where things get harder and it can be easy to make excuses to delay implementing changes.

Any adviser’s practice management support and functionality is the spine of their business. It underpins how they operate and supports what they are there to do; look after and advise their clients. We know that advisers invest a lot of precious time in setting up and using their practice management systems and often it’s easier to stick with the ‘devil you know’ even if there are shortcomings. However, changing to a more efficient system, whilst time-consuming in the short term, can reap benefits over time.

You may have found flaws in your current back office technology provider, but the prospect of data migration (a less sexy term is hard to conjure in any business) is a major fence to hurdle. Mining all of your existing and legacy client data, handing it over to a new firm and learning a new system can be a hugely daunting prospect. If any of those stages go awry it’s an unthinkably bad situation for any financial adviser. We fully understand that.
Two of the most critical questions advisers seek to answer when considering a change are around who owns the data and how safely is it handled when it’s migrated to a new system.

Who owns my data?

When transferring your data to Intelliflo, you always own the data. We simply handle the data and upload into our system for you to you access and use via iO; we never take ownership of it.

How safe is it to transfer my data?

At Intelliflo, we never receive or move data via email. Rather, when submitting your data to us, we ask you to password encrypt it and submit it via Hightail, a secure data transfer site. We then access it via Hightail and upload your data onto our own internal server. Once received, your data is never stored on the machines of our employees. This further protects your data from the threat of robbery or sabotage.

With end to end encryption, cloud storage and secure data transfer and collection, all of your data can be transferred swiftly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

Our data migration team handles hundreds of migrations each year and has a flawless record when it comes to the safety and integrity of your data.

So if you’ve identified room for improvement in your back office functionality, don’t let the questions of ownership or safety hold you back.

Do you have any questions for our data migration team? They'd be happy to answer them! Ask your questions at marketing@intelliflo.com and we'll answer them in a later blog post.


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