Online engagement is an essential part of your proposition

By Wenda Field
Find me on: LinkedIn 21-Dec-2015 13:29:45


Is online engagement just for the young? If you've got a mature, wealthy client base, why would you need to change your tried and tested advice model of face to face meetings and comprehensive reviews if it's always worked well in the past?

According to the Capgemini World Wealth Report 2014, more than half (55%) of high net worth individuals across Europe are already conducting their wealth management via digital channels and it’s going to continue to increase – with 61% saying they expect this relationship to be conducted in this way within five years.

So it would seem online engagement is for all generations and therefore not providing this as part of your proposition could be a risky long-term strategy if you want to deliver the sort of service your clients will increasingly expect.

The good news is that the technology to make this happen is readily available and opens up a world of opportunities. Not only does it enable you to offer online engagement to high net worth clients; it allows you to reach out to a wider demographic cost-effectively, enabling you to broaden your client base while at the same time building a stronger and more profitable business.

Consumer expectations - including those of your clients - are changing with the advance of technology, so now is the time to switch on to what’s happening out there and position your business to meet the needs of your clients now and in the future.