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4wealth Ltd has been established over 10 years although its five directors clock up over 100 years of experience in the financial sector between them.

Even though the company is based in Essex, 4wealth has clients in many parts of the UK. They believe in building relationships with clients that are based on trust and valued advice.

One of the most valuable tools that Intelligent Office offers is its reporting capability and in particular the Portfolio and RMAR/Gabriel reports. They are very quick to generate and look very professional and as long as we keep our client information up-to-date, they are invaluable to our business. We know we are compliant.

In the days before Intelligent Office we had all our data on spreadsheets. This meant that the processing of fees and commissions used to take one of our PAs at least three days a month to reconcile. Once we started using iO this was cut down to about an hour. This obviously had huge time, as well as cost, implications for us.

We had been using the basic elements of Intelligent Office for a number of years and it had all been working well, but a few months ago we asked our account manager to come and spend the day with us. 

That was one of the most valuable things we did. He was able to talk us through a number of questions and queries that we had on our system which were unique to us. 

We hope to have him back again for another day soon.

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I think the portfolio reporting on iO is brilliant. There are about 4 or 5 pages in the middle of the report that enable me very quickly to show a client how we are doing with their investments.

Business challenges

Finding a back office system that was easy to use
Ensuring the cost effectiveness of the business
The need to be able to produce client reports quickly and efficiently

What iO delivered

An efficient system that offers us simplicity
A system that has the capacity to grow as our business grows
The ability to provide a much more streamlined service to our customers

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