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Alexander House launched in July 2013 as the first post RDR national business model in the UK. The model is to run a national IFA service whose focus is on ‘Virtual’ specialist advisers as well as regionally based advisers. Its aim is to transform the financial services landscape and help to rebuild consumer trust in the industry. The plan is to attract 200 advisers within the first three years and the company are already well on track to achieving this.

Alexander House has been designed to address the key challenges facing financial advisers in today’s market. We have taken a completely fresh approach to advice delivery, regulatory control and client relationship management and built on a strong ethical culture that puts our vision and values at the centre of all of our business decisions.

We wanted to use technology and innovation to make the delivery of service as easy as possible – whether by face-to-face meetings or a ‘virtual’ one.

Whichever method of contact our clients chose; we needed a system that was always accessible so a web-based system was one of our primary requirements.

We also needed a system that was adaptable, flexible, helped us with client recording and actually supported the consumer interaction. Intelligent Office allows us to do all of this as well as deliver a consumer friendly service in a compliant manner.

As well as needing a solution that not only managed their back-end processes, Alexander House were also looking for a system that would be able to offer their customers real-time reporting. It was important the customer could self-serve as much as possible.

With Intelligent Office’s customisable customer portal both these requirements were satisfied along with an enhanced the customer experience.

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The cloud was vital. Frankly, I don’t think we could have built our business model five years ago, but today, because of Intelliflo, we are very confident we can build the model we have designed.

Business challenge

Finding a back office system that was easy to use
Ensuring the cost effectiveness of the business
The need to be able to produce client reports quickly and efficiently

What iO delivered

An efficient system that offers us simplicity
A system that has the capacity to grow as our business grows
The ability to provide a much more streamlined service to our customers

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