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Arcaria Financial Solutions is a new start up business, which became directly authorised on 3 January 2014. Frustrated with the Sesame Bankhall network, Director Martyn Woodland decided to take control of his business and set up Arcaria to provide individuals, families and businesses with clear and understandable financial advice with totally transparent charging.

We were starting from a blank page as Sesame had previously done all our compliance, reconciliation of commissions and fees, RMAR reporting etc, for us. We, therefore, needed a system that enabled us to quickly undertake all those processes as well as managing our client records. Intelligent Office ticked all those boxes and with the first class help of our Account Manager, all our initial queries and concerns have been dealt with professionally and in a timely manner

As there are three of us in the business working in different locations, we also needed a system that allowed remote access, ensured that we all did business in the same way and was able house all our client records. Being web-based was a primary reason for using Intelligent Office.

The other main reason for choosing Intelligent Office was the huge time and cost savings the system would give us. To continue in the old way, we would have needed two administrators.

With iO, we were able to get up and running immediately, without the need to employ any other staff. The system also made us think logically about our practices and how to organise our business – streamlining previously cumbersome processes.

Using iO also made us think in a far more structured way than we had before. Previously, our client propositions had been a bit woolly. Intelligent Office has made us rethink our offering. We now use the Tasks and Activities functionality in iO which mean we are able to log every contact or undertaking we make on behalf of a client. This makes our fee charging incredibly transparent.

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As a small IFA, I needed to consider what would happen if I was away. With iO’s web-based system I can still dip in and out when I need, just to keep an eye on things. It also gave us the added advantage of not having to go through the pain of backing up data and storing it. It’s all done in the cloud.

Business challenge

Finding a back office system that was easy to use
Ensuring the cost effectiveness of the business
The need to be able to produce client reports quickly and efficiently

What iO delivered

An efficient system that offers us simplicity
A system that has the capacity to grow as our business grows
The ability to provide a much more streamlined service to our customers

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