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grosvenor-photoGrosvenor Wealth Management Ltd was set up in 1999 and our ethos is advice for life. We believe in clear advice you can trust and customer service which is fully backed up by a team of professionals. All our clients receive personal and bespoke advice for all their financial needs from starting out, through the family years and finishing off with retirement planning.

Our services range from one-off mortgage consultation, comprehensive asset management to a fully integrated financial plan.

It became increasingly obvious to us back in 2013 that our current software system, Adviser Office, was struggling to handle all of our demands. Investment in the system had dwindled over the years and we were made aware that Adviser Office was being phased out. On top of that, the new system had not been tried or tested for the UK market. We therefore made the decision to look at alternative systems and as a result switched to Intelligent Office.

Once we started looking at what Intelligent Office (iO) could offer us, we realised there were a number of opportunities to really bring ourselves into the modern way of doing business. The valuations module alone will save us huge amounts of time as we no longer need to call or visit provider websites for updates, plus we can now schedule valuations on a regular basis at the click of a button. We have got to this point by taking this opportunity to completely cleanse our data, resulting in more than 700 inactive names being removed from our old system and amend previously inaccurate data inputs. This has been hard work at times, but has very quickly proved to be a worthwhile exercise as we are 100% certain that we are working, and will continue to work, with good clean data.

The support from our previous company had, for a long time, been inadequate and so when we moved to iO, we wanted to make sure that we would have access to a UK based support team that were knowledgeable about their product. We have not been disappointed. Once the contract was signed we were allocated a member of the on-boarding team, who has been fantastic from start to finish. He has walked us all the way through the process and now we have a system configured to the way we work. As a result of this close consultation process, we feel very confident with how our system has been set up and feel empowered to change any part of it in the future, should we need to.

We realised that by switching to iO we would improve many of our working practices, but one of the major pluses of moving to this web-based system were the unexpected opportunities it has given us, many of which we hadn’t anticipated. As more and more partners are integrated with iO, we can see increased time and cost savings as business processes become even more efficient. The integrations with Assureweb, Trigold and MortgageBrain in particular, give us huge time savings and this will only increase as more providers and platforms are added to the already very comprehensive list of integrated partners. We also see a big opportunity with iO’s Personal Finance Portal (PFP), as it will be the most economical and convenient way of communicating regularly with our clients in the future.

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Using Intelligent Office has brought us into the 21st century and has opened our eyes to new opportunities and new ways of carrying out and improving our business.
Business challenge
Finding a back office system that was easy to use
Ensuring the cost effectiveness of the business
The need to be able to produce client reports quickly and efficiently

What iO delivered

An efficient system that offers us simplicity
A system that has the capacity to grow as our business grows
The ability to provide a much more streamlined service to our customers

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