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We needed to implement a back office system that could support our growth. Our previous system, Plum wasn’t supporting all the needs of the business, in functionally or in providing assistance. With Henson Crisp expanding its reach and opening new offices, we had to find a system that could support us in fulfilling our ambitions.

We looked into several back office systems as part of this process but found that Intelliflo had the most impressive offering – the people we dealt with have also been very helpful and supportive throughout, going above and beyond.

We required a web-based system that would be quicker and easier to use than our previous system. Where we once committed several man hours to producing valuations for client meetings, we can now do these in an automated fashion via iO, meaning that we can quickly and easily provide our clients with up to date information.

Another area where we sought improvement was with commission statements. We work with more than 200 families, many of which have multiple policies. As with valuations, producing these statements was a very time consuming process that is now fully automated thanks to iO.


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The introduction of iO has exceeded our expectations. The support that we have received has been absolutely outstanding. We feel that Intelliflo cares about us and cares about our business. The whole Intelliflo team have gone out of their way to be helpful – this is a big deal given our experiences with our previous supplier. I just wish we’d implemented iO three years ago when I started at Henson Crisp!
Business challenge
Lack of support from previous provider
Regulatory reporting and data quality
Manual processing taking too much time

What iO delivered

A web-based system
Flexible eLearning Academy
Allows more customer facing time

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