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Mitigating cyber risk in the financial services sector

Cyber security is a growing concern for everyone, but the financial services industry is coming under particularly heavy fire, with headline grabbing data breaches becoming increasingly common.

What does this mean for financial advisers? According to Intelliflo’s research, 44% of financial advisers have experience of cyber attack. Furthermore, among consumers that Intelliflo surveyed, 82% would actively seek to change their financial adviser, or not appoint them in the first place, if it was public knowledge that an adviser had been hacked.

Intelliflo’s white paper covers a broad range of cyber security issues including:

  • The importance of governance and the development of a company security culture
  • An overview of the threats posed by cyber attacks and poor cyber security
  • How to develop a cyber security strategy
  • How to build a cyber security toolkit to mitigate risk
  • How to detect, recover and respond to cyber attacks

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