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DocuSign is paperless, fast and compliant

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DocuSign online signatures makes it easy

Getting documents signed can often be a laborious process. Submitting paper documents to be signed by clients, above all else, is time consuming. That’s why Intelliflo has integrated DocuSign into Intelligent Office (iO) and the Personal Finance Portal (PFP).

DocuSign is paperless, fast and compliant with regulations. You simply submit any documents that require a client’s signature in Intelligent Office to them electronically, they provide an electronic signature, or a digital signature, online and send it straight back. The document is stored against their record in Intelligent Office.

Utilising DocuSign’s digital signature functionality within Intelligent Office and PFP will accelerate the execution process with your clients, lower operating costs, reduce errors and provide a superior client experience. They won’t be waiting around to receive, sign and re-send documents.

DocuSign reduces transitional risk, missing data and documents, breaks to your processes and increases the transparency of your workflow. A digital audit trail also makes regulatory processes much easier and further introduces paperless working.

Benefits of using DocuSign within Intelligent Office and PFP

  • Business efficiency – reduce costs incurred in paper, printing and post, whilst bringing in business faster and more efficiently
  • Better client experience – your clients won’t be kept waiting for key documents and will
    benefit from a more streamlined service
  • Compliance – every document is stored against the client’s record in Intelligent Office and has a digital audit trail, making proof of compliance easier
  • Fully integrated - access all of the fields in Intelligent Office for document automation in Document Designer; submit accurate documents for sign-off by your clients
  • Security - utilising DocuSign through PFP ensures that there are no public URLs created, meaning that all documents shared and stored are done so securely. 

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