The eAdviser Index

Much research has been carried out in the US by Fidelity about eAdvisers. Their research showed that on average, eAdvisers are using twice as many different technologies as their peers and are using these technologies more deeply within their business. As a result, they had higher AUM, more AUM per client and earned higher revenue.

But does the same hold true for UK advisers? In the first ever analysis of its kind conducted in the UK, Intelliflo can confidently prove that it does.

eAdviser Index by Intelliflo

Intelliflo capture almost 1.5 billion clicks in our Intelligent Office (iO) software and based upon usage studies of the technology we can conclude that proper use of technology throughout all aspects of the advice process can bring about fundamental business results for firms. Below we have put together a suite of content which explains what the eAdviser Index is, how the scores are generated and shows how firms can fundamentally impact the time, revenue and profit they can generate by using iO.

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