gdpr - are you compliant

GDPR - Are you compliant?

We have put together a suite of content to help financial advice firms with GDPR compliance. 


GDPR is designed to deliver a better framework for the rights of individuals as to how their data is handled and processed. What does that mean for financial advisory firms in the UK? It fundamentally changes how UK financial advisers can process and handle client and prospect data, from how the data is stored, what data sets are stored and how communication can be made.

The good news is Intelliflo has put together a series of GDPR related content specifically for the financial services industry, which can help you identify areas within your own knowledge and business processes that could be improved upon in order to comply with the regulation.

If you have any questions relating to your business and GDPR, please do feel free to contact your account manager, or give us a call to find out how Intelligent Office can help.

Intelliflo’s GDPR Working Group

Intelliflo has established a Working Group, comprised of legal and security experts alongside some of our clients, to establish a clear understanding and path forward for the UK financial advice industry in dealing with the challenges posed by GDPR. Here you can see the output of the Working Group and discover what your industry peers are doing to comply with the regulation.