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Glia (formerly SaleMove)

Co-browse with your clients

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Trust Intelligent Office to co-browse with your clients

Meeting clients is at the heart of the financial advice industry but can be time- consuming. Through an integration with Glia’s CoBrowsing technology, Intelligent Office offers advisers a modern way to ‘meet’ with clients in a time efficient, cost-effective and fully compliant way.

Glia is an internationally recognised and award winning platform that is fully integrated within Intelligent Office's Personal Finance Portal (PFP). It enables advisers to meet with their clients in a virtual space, via text chat, audio or full video link up as well as discuss and share documents like portfolio valuations etc., in a secure environment.

MiFID II requires that all conversations between advisers and clients are recorded. Glia technology records all of the conversations, including files shared and discussed, then saves them against the client’s record in Intelligent Office. This offers you a full and easily accessible audit trail of all client conversations and meetings.

How you can benefit from our Glia partnership

The key features that you can benefit from are:

  • Freeing up more of your time – you can ‘meet’ clients online, anytime and anywhere
  • Increasing profitability - with fewer external visits and less travelling, you'll have time to spend acquiring and servicing more clients
  • Improving your client service – by meeting their demands for flexibility and convenience
  • Improved risk control – all online meetings are fully recorded for regulatory purposes - a must for MiFID II

About Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office offers the most tried and tested range of functionality available in the UK today, supported by an experienced UK based team.

Over 2,550+ of the UK’s leading advisory firms, with over £503 billion under advice, trust Intelligent Office to power their businesses and improve their bottom line. 

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