Integrated Model Portfolio Service (iMPS)

Insource your outsourcing and take control of your client’s advice journey

iMPS = control, efficiency and transparency

Outsourcing aspects of your advice process takes your client’s journey away from you. Once they see the network of intermediaries, an obvious question is, what do I need an adviser for - couldn’t I just go direct to the provider?

iMPS puts you and your business back in control. Working through Intelligent Office, you can choose from a market place of model portfolio providers to best fit the needs of your client. Furthermore, keeping their investment in line with their attitude to risk is made easy, since getting permission to rebalance their portfolio is done via the secure messaging functionality available to them in their client portal (provided through the Personal Finance Portal functionality in Intelligent Office).

  • Engagement - Your clients will receive regular communication from you, including requests to authorise rebalancing requests. Regular market commentary is made available to them on their investments, all in your branding.
  • Control - You select the model portfolio provider – this keeps the advice journey under your purview and maintains you as the central point of contact.
  • Efficiency - How many phone calls, meetings and emails does it currently take to service your clients? Does this really add value to their advice journey? iMPS automates this, introducing great time savings to your advice process.
  • Simple, transparent fees - Client fees aren’t the easiest or most transparent aspect of the industry. A basis point here, a basis point there… Once outsourcing has entered the fray, do you want your clients questioning why they pay an advice fee? iMPS brings everything back under your control, demonstrating your full value and making client fees transparent.

All of your client activity through iMPS is conducted via Intelligent Office and everything is stored against the client record in there, too. As iMPS is a burgeoning product, Invesco is the first model portfolio provider available via iMPS. Intelliflo will be adding more providers in due course.

To find out more about iMPS, click here to read the fact sheet, or complete the form to speak to one of our experts.

iMPS overview at CTG2019:


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