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Intelliflo's Open API

Improve your businesses processes in an entirely flexible way with our Open API (Application Programming Interface).

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The Open API opens up Intelligent Office (iO) to financial advice firms and other third parties via an extensive set of REST APIs, allowing direct and secure access to its data and capabilities. This gives total freedom to integrate the services used to create new or improved business processes or provide enhanced experiences for your customers via apps.

We’ve also established the iO Store where new apps are housed for the benefit of iO users and third parties. To get started with the Open API and view available apps in the iO Store click here. To access the developer portal where in-house developers or agencies can get the documentation and tools needed to create and publish apps and manage API credentials and keys click here.

Benefits to advice firms and third parties

  • Wide-ranging flexibility for your business
  • Efficient Integration with iO’s functionality
  • Improve your business processes
  • Take advantage of third party apps

Skipton's experience with Intelliflo's Open API



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We’ve chosen to utilise the Open API to help streamline our processes, manage and maintain the data that we value in-house and build bespoke tools and calculators to make sure that they work how we want them to work. The added bonus with this is that we’ve kept Intelligent Office in the way that it was intended as a back-office system and a master of client data. The Indigo application went live in March 2017 and the feedback that we’ve had received from our advisers has been fantastic.
They’ve really engaged with the new processes and tools now available to them.

Julia Elliott
Head of IT & Programme Management at Skipton Financial Services