Intelliflo acquires i4C Technology, a leading digital cashflow modelling business

By Hamish Purdey
Find me on: LinkedIn Aug 1, 2019 1:01:52 PM

Intelliflo has acquired i4C Technology, a market-leading UK provider of digital cashflow modelling applications for financial advisers.

This acquisition builds on Intelliflo’s unrivalled record of successfully partnering with technology experts to provide advisers with the innovative and flexible tools they need to develop their business, supporting the adviser to deliver an improved investment experience for end clients.

The Bath-based i4C Technology team has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality cashflow modelling software to the UK financial adviser community since its launch in 2017. The fintech start-up provides advisers with access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use cashflow modelling application, providing a client-friendly interface into Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office (iO) open architecture business management solution.

Intelligent Office will remain a fully open architecture solution while Intelliflo will continue to work with both existing and new software partners to integrate innovative new product capabilities into the iO StoreTM. i4C will continue to be accessible, alongside other existing partners, via the iO Store™ for those users who wish to access it. i4C will not be a default service.

Maintaining the open architecture approach, whilst developing its own market-leading capabilities, is a critical element of the Intelliflo value proposition, ensuring that advisers continue to have choice and flexibility in the partners they wish to work with. This is a well-established strategy, as evidenced by the development of Intelliflo’s market leading Personal Finance Portal whilst at the same time promoting alternative third-party portal capabilities through the iO Store™ and continuing to encourage new partnerships.

Nick Eatock, executive chairman of Intelliflo said: i4C Technology’s cashflow modelling application interfaces seamlessly with our Intelligent Office business management solution to provide a powerful suite of tools to support advisers’ financial and tax planning conversations with clients. The combination of i4C and Intelligent Office means advisers can discuss and model options with clients in real time, helping clients to make informed financial choices.

We believe that the i4C cashflow modelling tool, combined with Intelligent Office, delivers the most powerful solution on the market for UK advisers and will be a key building block in delivering Intelliflo’s planned international expansion.

Mark Harman, CEO of i4C Technology said: This is a really exciting step for i4C Technology and our cashflow modelling application. Our team has worked closely with Intelliflo over the last 18 months and throughout we have been impressed and inspired by its client-focused technology, strategy and culture.

Combining forces will provide the investment, resources, knowledge and reach to make i4C the predominant cashflow modelling application in the UK as well as supporting Intelliflo’s expansion plans.

We are very confident that this is great news for current and prospective customers, whether using i4C through the iO StoreTM or directly with us, and we are keen to get going on the next stage of the business’ development.

The transaction has closed; the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


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