Intelliflo opens access to Intelligent Office data

By Jo Gilbey
Find me on: LinkedIn Aug 1, 2016 8:45:40 AM

Intelliflo has launched an Open API for its award winning business management system, Intelligent Office (iO), enabling its adviser and supplier partners to integrate their own solutions and processes fully with the data and functionality within iO.

Intelliflo’s aim is to allow its partners to enhance their own offerings using the data available via iO.

Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s Executive Chairman comments: We’ve opened up the iO system to give developers and clients access to most of its features, giving them the flexibility to interact with iO in whatever way they like including the ability to display the information in their preferred version within their own solutions. This is a further example of our mission to remain the leading open technology platform in the UK financial advice space. The breadth of the API is truly world-class.

Gareth Thompson from Codepotato, an independent web development agency for the financial services industry comments: We’ve used APIs to access a few financial platforms in the past and found they’ve been so old-school it made us want to weep. When we first heard that Intelliflo were opening access to their system through API, the words “here we go again” came to mind. That was until we saw what they’ve built. We don’t have a vested interest in Intelliflo so I can say in all truthfulness, we are super-impressed with what they’ve done. It offers enormous potential for developers like us.


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