Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office welcomes Voyant integration

By Jo Gilbey
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Intelliflo, the UK’s leading provider of web-based business management software, has linked with Voyant, the financial adviser collaboration suite to provide seamless integration of the popular scenario planning tool through Intelligent Office (iO).  

Voyant facilitates adviser discussions about future life events with clients, helping them to understand the ‘What if’ scenarios for which they need to plan. It makes complicated financial planning calculations and modelling look easy and presentable for clients.

The iO integration will allow Voyant users to pull client data from iO into Voyant for planning. This will save users time by reducing the re-keying of client and plan information and ensures up-to-date information is available within Voyant.

Key features of Voyant's online personal finance hub include:

  • The ability for advisers’ clients to view, download and modify plan information anytime from anywhere, improving data accuracy and transparency and encouraging ongoing collaboration and dialogue.  
  • The ability for advisers to streamline information-gathering and prioritisation processes and more effectively assess and communicate which products best match a client's personal goals.

Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s Executive Chairman comments, “We’re delighted to expand the services available through iO by welcoming Voyant as a fully integrated partner. The integration will save advisers valuable time and increase accuracy, both of which are essential aspects for achieving business efficiency and long term success, something that Intelliflo is committed to delivering to our clients.”

Bob Freeman, Chief Operating Officer of Voyant UK commented: “Providing simplified, straight through access between two of the industry’s major technology players will have a major impact for many professional advisers who appreciate the importance of putting clients first and ensuring that visual impact supports great advice.  We are delighted to have completed this significant project and are confident all our mutual adviser firms and their end clients will reap tremendous benefits”

Leigh Johnstone, Head of Private Clients at Foster Denovo commented: “We are delighted to have worked with Intelliflo and Voyant on this integration. It will not only save us time, but will also ensure that Intelligent Office is our central source of client data that is always up-to-date and feeds other key tools, such as Voyant, which are integral to our advice process.”

Martyn Woodland, Director of Arcaria Financial Solutions commented: “We are really looking forward to Intelligent Office integrating with Voyant. Not having to re-key data will provide significant time-savings, which will enable us to use Voyant with more segments of our client bank – thus further strengthening our client proposition.”

For further information contact:

Jo Rimmer, Redspark PR
Tel: 07970 088383

Bob Freeman
Tel: 07802 500867

About Intelliflo
Intelliflo ( has been providing information technology services to financial services companies since its formation in 2004. Its leading web-based business management software, Intelligent Office, helps financial businesses large and small to improve efficiency and increase profits. Intelligent Office supports over 1,350 firms and 12,000 users with assets under advice of £194 billion (as at 31 March 2015).

In July 2013 HgCapital, a leading European private equity investor in B2B technology companies, became a majority shareholder in Intelliflo Ltd. HgCapital has a wealth of expertise in developing web-based software businesses and is committed to supporting the next phase of Intelliflo’s growth.

In March 2015 Intelliflo was listed among the top 25 best performing privately owned technology companies in the UK mid-market. The list is compiled by Megabuyte’s independent and highly-regarded research team and is based on financial performance and long-term potential.

About Voyant
Based in Austin, Texas and privately owned by its directors and staff, Voyant is a state-of-the-art financial intelligence presentation and collaboration platform that has been designed to demystify complicated financial planning calculations and thereby enable plans and strategies to be more powerfully presented to clients.

Voyant currently has fully customised solutions for UK and Republic of Ireland markets as well as the US.

Established in 2009, Voyant UK’s suite of planning tools is now adopted as the planning tool of choice by more than 2,000 financial planners and advisers.

Voyant replaces one-size-fits-all advisory strategies with a more consumer-centric, holistic planning approach. Voyant's online personal finance hub gives investors the ability to view, download and modify plan information anytime from anywhere, improving data accuracy and transparency, and encouraging ongoing collaboration and dialogue between clients and their advisers. Voyant also helps advisers streamline information-gathering and prioritisation processes, and more effectively assess and communicate which products best match a client's personal goals.