Intelligent Office – State of the art software for enterprise

If your organisation wants to implement or develop an efficient multi-channel distribution solution, then Intelliflo enterprise is ideal.

Future-proof your operation

Intelliflo enterprise is a dynamic combination of professional consultancy services and elite software systems. It draws on our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding to deliver a cutting edge comprehensive financial business management solution.

Tailored to your business

Our enterprise team will implement a strategy based on a comprehensive understanding of industry issues, including impending legislation and regulation, as well as guide you through the process of transforming your business and sales processes to help reduce your costs.

Interfacing with your systems

If you already have effective processes in place, you can interface with our highly configurable system through a set of well-designed web services, allowing your organisation to effectively 'plug and play' into the technology solutions and benefits they offer.

At a glance – Intelliflo enterprise delivers:

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  • Tailored guidance and solution implementation across all relevant channels
  • Efficient, real-time working through web-based technology
  • Improved data quality across your business
  • Increased profitability through effective identification of cross-selling opportunities
  • Increased process efficiency and reduced costs
  • Risk management through establishing highly configurable, consistent, company-wide processes to meet compliance requirements
  • Improved control and client relationship management
  • Reduced cost of service delivery