Back office task management for financial advisers

Task management

Manage day to day tasks the easy way with Intelligent Office

Trust Intelligent Office to manage your day to day tasks

Managing day to day tasks has never been easier with task management from Intelligent Office (iO). With a raft of flexible options you’ll be able to log, assign, search and analyse tasks like never before, helping you and your team to get the most from the working day.

Plus, iO provides you with a full audit trail of communications, both internally and with clients, and aids forecasting reports, productivity and even profit and loss analysis (based on time spent vs income received).

Task management features

In short iO’s task management functionality gives you:

  • A full audit trail of the tasks completed by your staff
  • The ability to build fee models around the average time tasks take to complete
  • The ability to assign tasks when people are off sick or on holiday
  • Access comprehensive MI across all tasks including PFP

See Task management at glance:


About Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office offers the most tried and tested range of functionality available in the UK today, supported by an experienced UK based team.

Over 2,550+ of the UK’s leading advisory firms, with over £503 billion under advice, trust Intelligent Office to power their businesses and improve their bottom line. 

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