Discover why the Schroders Platform Awards judges loved intelliflo planning!

21 September 2022
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Discover why the Schroders Platform Awards judges loved intelliflo planning!

21 September 2022

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intelliflo planning was 1st finalist at Schroder’s UK Platform Awards 2022.
Why? Because intelliflo planning is designed to be used collaboratively. That’s why advisers and their clients love it! You can work together with clients to build, adapt and stress-test financial plans. From solving tax, pensions and investment complexities to wider financial strategy planning, a variety of different goals and scenarios can be incorporated into one user-friendly financial roadmap.

intelliflo planning provides a tangible way for you to demonstrate the value of your advice - which in turn helps strengthen the adviser/client relationship. You can also use intelliflo planning to:

  • Provide swift tax calculations 

  • Carry out asset and liability modelling

  • Stress test advice and planning opportunities

  • Quickly calculate a client’s capacity for loss, spend and return (using the unique Goal Seek Wizards)

Its visually appealing outputs prompt deeper conversations with your clients as they can clearly see how the financial choices or decisions they make now can change the outcome of their long-term financial plans, such as the age they can retire.

intelliflo planning also looks after your compliance needs. Firm-level assumptions can be applied across multiple variables, delivering consistency across all users. Any changes made are logged and highlighted, providing a clear audit trail.

Providing value to your business

You can answer a client’s question on the spot and visually illustrate how different decisions around IHT, tax and asset values will impact their plan. Therefore the decision-making process is accelerated.

Completing everything live in one meeting means a more streamlined process, which creates its own business efficiencies in terms of time and resource.  

The visual outputs allow your clients to instantly understand the advice being presented to them. It helps them think about their life decisions in more depth and detail, and the impact this will have on their future financial position. This improves the ongoing communication between you and your client, helping the relationship to continually grow.   

Integrate to intelliflo office or use as a ‘stand-alone’ tool

intelliflo planning can either be downloaded from the intelliflo store to seamlessly integrate with intelliflo office or it can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ tool.  

Its integration with intelliflo office has the tightest integration than any other cashflow solution as it receives data from the personal finance portal, including open banking links to ensure the strongest data feed on the market, which enables you to quickly build plans and seamlessly upload bespoke client reports.

But don’t just take our word for it! As always, the proof is in the people...

“Intuitive and user friendly, it has proven to have tighter integration than the cashflow modelling tool we were using before.”

Stuart Harding
Attivo Financial Planning

“A ‘living’ tool that can be updated live with new scenarios at each review meeting. This gives the client comfort that they are on track or can afford to spend more. I have successfully used this powerful and intuitive application with my clients.” 

Tristan Johnson
DipPFS, Mckenzie&Co

“Helped us increase the consistency and quality of advice provided to our client base. It is easy to use - all our advisers are using it, instead of just the "tech-savvy" advisers.” 

The Beckett Group

Discover more about intelliflo planning, watch the video or download the brochure. 

Or get in touch to find out more and discuss your own firms’ needs.