Enjoy all the benefits and flexibility of outsourced services – at zero platform fees when using select managed models*

Investment solutions for your clients. A more efficient, profitable practice for you.

An innovative, open-source solution enabling you to utilize a wide range of managed models (as well as your own) – while intelliflo advisers handles the trading, rebalancing, reporting, billing and more on your behalf. For client assets allocated to managed models, you’ll enjoy all these services at no cost*.

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More time

We handle those lower-value middle and back office functions. You spend more time on the client-facing activities that matter most.

Bespoke service

No automated phone lines, no impersonal call centers – just a dedicated support team to help you succeed.

Deep expertise

Averaging 15+ years supporting RIAs, our team can help you navigate the many complexities of running your business


Global expertise

$50B Solutions team with 70+ professionals backed by the strength of Invesco: a $1.2T global asset manager (as of 6/30/2021)

Disciplined process

Capital market assumptions for 170+ asset classes alongside a rigorous manager selection process

Multiple portfolio solutions

Passive, active, hybrid, smart beta and tax- aware solutions utilizing mutual funds, ETFs and separately managed accounts

Lower costs

Hire more people? Buy more technology? Outsourcing can often be a more efficient and cost-effective solution.


All delivered on top of intelliflo’s turnkey technology platform

How are we able to offer and scale these services with such a highly-personalized touch? We utilize intelliflo’s technology platform which powers the advisory experience globally for over:

  • 2,500 firms
  • 30,000 advisors
  • 3 million end investors
  • Over $1 trillion in assets*
*as of 6/30/2021

How it works

Select models – then spend more time on higher-value activities as we handle all the middle and back office services on your behalf. For assets allocated to managed models, there’s no cost for these services*.

Managed models*Your models150+ other modelsInvestmentproposalInvestor-friendlyproposalgenerationClientonboardingOnboardingincludingenrollment &account openingTax-awaretradingTax transitioning +ongoing trading &rebalancingOngoing accountserviceOperating supportfor all accountservice requestsReporting & feebillingComprehensivereporting & feebilling based onyour schedules

Managed models overview

Compared to the typical TAMP offering, our solution offers the potential to meaningfully improve your RIA’s profitability.

Typical TAMP offering

  •  advisor technology
  • + outsourced services
  • + overlay management
  • + 3rd party models
costs you 20 to 35 bps

Invesco models*

  •  intelliflo technology
  • + intelliflo managed services
  • + managed models*
No cost to you

Reduce fees while leveraging investment expertise

25bps15bps11.25bps7.5bps0Avg TAMP FeesAvg intelliflo fee25% Invesco model50% Invesco model100% Invesco model253015105200bps
UsageAvg TAMP Fee0% Invesco model25% Invesco model50% Invesco model100% Invesco model
Est. TAMP Fees25 bps25 bps11.25 bps7.5 bps0 bps
Est. Cost $100M AUM$250K$150K$115K$75K$0
Potential savings$0$100K$135K$175K$250K

Potential benefits of using models

Advisors using models tend to enjoy more productive practices with improved client, AUM and revenue growth.

92% Believe outsourcing made their practice better during COVID2
+10% Increase in clients/HHs1
+10% Increase in advisor compensation1

1 Fidelity Financial Advisor Community Survey (2018)
2 Blackrock Advisor Survey (2020)

intelliflo managed models overview

intelliflo managed

Invesco model summary

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achieve new levels of efficiency & productivity?

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* managed models in partnership with Invesco

intelliflo Advisers Inc., (the legal entity we operate under and formerly known as Jemstep, Inc.) has been an SEC-registered RIA since 2008. Invesco models are offered through Invesco Advisers, Inc.