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A selection of video clips detailing the business benefits of iO, insights on the financial sector and some satisfied customers.

Transform your business

Become lean and efficient, manage your risks and build a better business with Intelligent Office.


See how our clients are using Intelligent Office to improve their profitability.

“We just felt iO delivered a better overall package for us to take the business forward” – Derek Miles, Chief Executive, Aspira Corporate Solutions Ltd.

Aspira Corporate Solutions Ltd speak about the Management Information insights they get from Intelligent Office.

Alan Moran explains why he made the decision to switch to Intelligent Office.

Tim O'Connor explains how by choosing Intelligent Office he has future-proofed his business.

Highlights from our inaugural 'Change the game' Conference at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

Intelliflo's Executive Chairman, Nick Eatock speaking at our inaugural 'Change the game' Conference.

Presented by David Coplin,
Chief Envisioning Officer,

Presented by Hamish Purdey
Chief Executive Officer,

Presented by Mike Clifford
Chief Commercial Officer,

We have recently implemented a new tool called Splunk which enables us to collect data from numerous sources, analyse and act upon the findings. In this video, Intelliflo's Chief Operating Officer, Rob Walton gives an overview of how it works.

Watch a demonstration of our Personal Finance Portal (PFP) system

Some advisers with ‘supermodel’ strategies are getting lucrative business from focusing on the affluent but many more are finding such clients elusive, with the majority of potential new clients being far from asset-rich.

See how our clients are improving their customer service and getting a great return on their investment into Intelligent Office.

See how our clients are overcoming technology concerns and benefitting from the advantages of using our web-based system, Intelligent Office.

See how Intelligent Office can help stream-line income matching and help you to manage your regulatory reporting requirements.

See how Intelliflo’s client services team work alongside our clients to provide unparalleled advice and support.

See how a digital age adviser firm saves £160k a year.

The move to Intelligent Office represents the biggest investment we've made in a single initiative since the Network launched back in 2004, and is a key element of our commitment to ensuring that Legal & General's distribution network is the strongest in the market.

How using integrated technology solutions, users can create greater efficiency and timesaving in their existing businesses processes. Freeing up more time for firms to spend with their overall servicing costs.

View a case study on how CMG Advisers LLP researched business management systems and are enjoying the benefits Intelligent Office brings to their business

The expert panel included Nick Eatock, Intelliflo's Chief Executive and debates how the support provided to advisers is expected to evolve over the next 3 to 5 years.