Intelliflo's flagship conference

Change the game

is back!


Tuesday 7 June


Tuesday 14 June

Nick Eatock, Chairman - Event overview



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Why should you attend?

We know your time is precious, so why spend a day with Intelliflo? This is why..

RDR and MMR are still impacting the financial advice sector and with the next set of regulations from the FAMR review just around the corner too, is your business agile enough to deal with any recommendations the review announces? On top of that there is an increasing need for you to service your clients more effectively while driving efficiencies in your business and saving costs.

Our conference, as well as giving you the most cost-effective way to ensure you are getting the most from your iO investment, will show you that technology has a major part to play in helping you meet the many business challenges your organisation is likely to face.  The most successful financial advisers in the 21st century will be those who are tech-savvy. They are not IT experts, rather they understand what technology can do for their businesses and are prepared to invest time and money to make it work hard for them.

During the conference you will be offered

  • The opportunity to meet and network with your peers
    • As one of 600 advisers over the two events there will be plenty of opportunity to network and meet your peers, discuss best practice and generally exchange ideas.
  • The opportunity to look at a range of integrated technology systems
    • Intelliflo has recognised that successful advice businesses large and small integrate their businesses around technology rather than bolting technology ad hoc onto different aspects
    • To work effectively, great technology systems must have industry connections at their heart, including real-time interaction and information gathering capabilities with platforms, product providers, quotes portals, wealth management tools and other software vendors.
    • This connectivity allows you and your support staff to re-use data to improve business efficiency within a single system and tailor it to your unique operating needs including the tools you favour from the breadth of the market – what we call our ‘best of breed’ approach.
    • Many of our current integrated ‘best of breed’ partners will be exhibiting at the conference and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to hear directly from them and meet them over coffee or lunch on their exhibitions stands.
  • The opportunity to hear about new innovations in both product and customer service
    • We have some very exciting things to show you in this area – from digital advice to integrated financial planning through to adviser communities and our democratising development initiative.
  • The opportunity to take advantage of drop in training sessions
    • During the lunch break, we will be running short training clinics on topics of your choice (vote for your topic of choice when you register) and plan to accommodate a drop in session in the morning registration period where your individual queries can be answered.
  • The opportunity to meet our Account Management and Sales teams
    • Both our Account Management and Sales teams will be available on the Intelliflo stand throughout the day to answer any questions you may have.
  • Gain CPD points
    • The whole event will enjoy CPD accreditation.

What our delegates said...

I really enjoyed the conference and will definitely be attending next year. The keynote speeches were wonderful and was really comforting to know that Nick Eatock is continuing to make the best of our systems and that so much time and effort is going into the system to make it easier to work with in terms of the integration with other systems. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Lianne McComish, Mackenzie Taylor Asset Management Ltd