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Intelligent Office gives you an extraordinary range of features that help transform your business.


Pre-sales advice

Pre-sales advice

We understand that the work you do for your clients starts well before the point of sale. Intelligent Office carries a range of features to enhance your pre-sales advice processes.

Fact find

Start your client relationships well by accurately recording initial fact finds.

Lead management

Easily note the areas of lead generation, whether referrals, internal, a bought-in list or via an introducer.

Letter generation

Create, store and generate quality, consistently written communication for clients that meets compliance requirements.

Quotes sourcing

Get up-to-the minute information from the best source engines.
Point of advice

Point of advice

Intelligent Office not only gathers the data you need, it helps present it to your clients in a way they can act on with confidence.

Financial planning

Use our powerful independent tools to research and create investment or retirement portfolios for your clients.

Fund analysis

It’s easy to manage a client’s portfolio. Locate and view funds by detail, charge, manager, volatility and time period

Task management

Keep up-to-date with personal tasks and activities allocated to you, and easily charge against hours worked.

Research tools

A leading quotation and fund analysis service that gives you all the data you need at any time.

Integrations with our partners

More than 100 partner integrations give you access to the latest tools, data and provider information, as well as providing straight through processing capability for speed and efficiency.

Ongoing management

Ongoing management

Keeping track of the progress you’ve made is key to client satisfaction. Intelligent Office makes staying on top of the relevant information quick and easy.

Client management

Effective client management means having correct, up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Document management

No more manual filing. Switch to a paperless office and gain great cost savings.

Income and fees

Log, monitor and automatically reconcile fees, retainers and commissions right down to the last penny.

Management information

Keep your finger on the pulse with easy access to user-defined management information.

Compliance and workflow

Configurable compliance and workflow monitoring tools can be tailored to suit your business.

Personal Finance Portal

Working hand-in-hand with Intelligent Office (iO), the new, improved Personal Finance Portal (PFP) gives you and your clients an invaluable tool on which to view financial information and interact via a secure, online ‘hub’ anywhere and on any device. Plus with PFP Premium benefits you can aggregate your client’s information about their advised financial products, PLUS their short-term cash flow information and non-advised products such as loans.


Provide your clients with accurate and timely valuations of their investments, pensions and savings.

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Personal finance portal

Build client trust with Personal Finance Portal (PFP)

Our online gateway lets practices and clients communicate, share information and documents over a secure connection.

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Trade electronically from iO with your provider, wrap or platform - no need to re-key data.

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