Intelligent Office
mortgage broker software

Intelligent Office enables mortgage brokers unrivalled
functionality to reduce infrastructure costs.

Intelligent Office for mortgage brokers

Intelligent Office (iO) is web-based mortgage broker software packed full of features to help deliver compliant advice to mortgage professionals.

Using our ‘best of breed’ philosophy, Intelligent Office integrates with a number of top, third-party sourcing partners and quote portals including MortgageBrain, Trigold and iPipeline (Assureweb).

The mortgage CRM system enhances your capability to compliantly handle execution only and advice-driven activity as well as monitor your complete business profile and pipeline, all new opportunities, mortgage and other ancillary products sold through to expected income and fees.

10 reasons for mortgage brokers

iO at a glance

  • Streamline administration processes to allow more client-facing ‘billable’ time
  • Source and store quotes from top mortgage and protection search engines
  • Improve application quality by automating affordability and interest rate shock evidence
  • Cut time spent on applications which fail lending criteria
  • Control record keeping and establish audit trails to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate risk through MI which consolidates your income pipeline and aggregates client data

Why you can trust us and our software Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office is trusted by over 2,300 leading advisory firms and unlike some other IFA back office systems, your client data remains your property so you can access and download it whenever and wherever you like.


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