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When you see things clearly,
you can move forward confidently

intelliflo planning lets you build, stress-test and adapt plans with minimal effort and maximum impact. Empower your clients in their financial life choices and experience the benefits for your business.

Strengthen client relationships

  • Instantly engage clients in the planning process
  • Demonstrate the impact of planning
  • Empower them to make truly informed decisions
  • Stimulate deeper conversations about life plans
  • Demonstrate the long-term value of your service

Minimise compliance burden

  • Manage all your clients on the same system
  • Ensure advice is robust and stress-tested
  • Save time via a transparent audit trail
  • Minimise errors via single point of data entry
  • Drive a consistent approach across the firm

Maximise fees and profitability

  • Boost referrals from clients and introducers
  • Increase pitch win success
  • Grow new and existing revenue streams
  • Save time and maximise efficiency

How it works

Turn complex data into big-picture planning

However simple or complex your client’s details, intelliflo planning lets you easily incorporate all goals and scenarios into one user-friendly financial roadmap.

Effortless and fast to use, intelliflo planning combines industry leading functionality with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Keep up the momentum in meetings

Create visually engaging outputs that prompt real-time conversations. Make live adjustments to explore scenarios and show the impact of your advice. Quantify the value you are adding, and build your clients’ trust and confidence.

intelliflo planning’s powerful calculators will do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on strengthening the relationship.

Cover all the angles, effortlessly

From solving tax, pensions and investment complexities to asset and liability modelling and wider financial strategy planning, with intelliflo planning software you have it all at your fingertips.

As in life, there are no isolated decisions. Choices around their children’s education, for example, may influence your client’s planned retirement date, or whether to downsize their home. Ensure your client understands the impact of their choices. Engage with them to help them interact with the plan and consider their options.

Your complete cashflow modelling toolkit

Total transparency

All changes are logged and highlighted throughout the plan, providing a clear audit trail.

Detailed tax computations

Confidently deliver robust, future-proof advice with swift tax calculations and clear visuals that spell out the savings for your clients.

Unlimited scenario planning

Compare the effects of multiple strategies on outcomes, with rigorous stress-testing built in.

Efficient goal analysis

The Goal Seek Wizard functionality lets you quickly calculate the capacity for loss, spend and return requirements and protection needs of your clients’ specified goals.

Simplified data entry

Save time and ensure accuracy with our intuitive data entry system.

Fully customisable settings

Ensure consistency across all users by applying firm level assumptions across multiple variables.

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